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Tiger Timetabling is the most comprehensive timetabling system available in the UK covering all the key requirements and more for the most flexible and adaptable timetable.

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In-class registration made easy for teachers to quickly and efficently register the class, tutor group, set or after school club. Full administration and reporting down to an individual basis can be seamlessly transfered to reports. Linked to the diary to show events affecting pupils at the point of registration to ensure the full sharing of key information.


Simple to use and manage for multiple categories encompasing pupil events, staff events, school matches, prospective parents, minibus booking and more. Seamlessly links through to registration to provide information direct to the class room where it is needed.

Sanctions and Rewards

Record all the plusses and minuses, reds and blacks, merits and de-merits and access real time house point information at the click of a button. Fully customisable to your schools system of managing house points the information can be linked to reports for the end of term summary.

Prospective Parents

Log and track new enquiries, use the mapping tools to see where enquiries are coming from and then transfer seamlessly in the main roll once the pupil joins with no re-keying.



Hold key information on the leavers which can be accessed years after pupils have left the school.


A comprehensive module for logging and tracking medical requirements against an individual pupil more particularly used in boarding schools. Lists are produced for catering, school trips and staff rooms of those key medical issues that pupils have.

Risk Assessment

Management of trips made easier with a simple set up using the schools trip policies along with key administrative tools and senior managment sign off.

Sports Teams

Team selection made simple with the ability to place pupils in teams and positions , recording of results and writing of match reports. Data records of who has played for what teams during the course of a year.

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the most comprehensive system for managing the music department builds a complete picture of a pupils performance, participation and exam results and much more.

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Linking to all the key financial packages the billing module allows for the collation during a term of additional charges as well as the fee billing for termly fees

Parent Portal

The point where parents are able to view key data about their child's performance, see past and current reports and review assessment data.

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"We understand that the key is matching the processes in our products to the procedures in place at each school."
Chris Boulton, Joint Managing Director, CJM Software Ltd.

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