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SchoolManager core modules


The roll contains the main pupil and parent contact information and base information on a child. The main admin screen is fully customisable to your school's requirements to deliver an adaptable solution.

The main admin screen supplies data in an easy to find format. Groups and after school activities can be organised and pupils assigned to them. A link to the registration module enables pupils to be registered by activity.

Parent data allows for multiple addresses for a family group. Any number of contact addresses can be added to a pupils record and any number of contacts to each address. These are all held under a unique family ID to link family members throughout the database.


The Staff module pulls together information that is stored in multiple places: addresses, job roll, subjects taught, contact numbers, vehicle registration numbers, training courses attended, individual staff timetables. Many additional lists and layouts can be produced to provide information in the format needed.


The recording of assessment information is often the first place a member of staff will input academic information. The module has been designed to make the input of data as simple as possible with the option of inputting from either the subject specific area or the summary card. This builds a comprehensive record of the effort and attainment for an individual child for all subjects over a full year.



Set, form and year averages can be created from stored exam grades information and then exported into Excel to create data charts. Interim assessments can be created to record termly marks. These are then transferred to the report layouts for end of term or interim reports.

Within Exams the set information is allocated and then transferred onto the reports. The set information is also linked to the registration module where registration is taken by sets and automatically linked back to form information.


Reports are key to communicating with parents. We work closely with individual schools to customise the report structure to their requirements.

Individual subject reports are tailored to year groups and departments whilst fitting within the school's standard format. The report viewer allows users to view all reports for an individual pupil to review their overall performance.


Pupil profiling allows schools to track an individual student from the day they arrive to when they leave. Standardised assessments are recorded and staff can compile a complete profile of an individual student for multiple uses.

Profiles allows teachers to review information on past reports, assessment information, academic, games and music performance. In addition is is possible to log pupil or parent meetings, behavioural issues, past reports, exam and assessment data to review at a later date.


The schools database provides information on staff and pupils before or after their time with you. It is possible to search for schools, get contact details and view directions via Google maps without exiting the system.

Schools is linked with the Prospective and Leavers databases to show either those pupils who have joined from a school or those who have gone on to join a particular school. This module acts as a point of contact for either correspondence with a school or to request references for a teacher joining from a school.

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"The ease of exporting data into many formats means that we can use pupil data for lots of purposes - such as providing examination boards with information."
Nicky Fortune, Curriculum Directorton, Cheltenham College Junior School..

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