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About CJM Software

CJM Software was founded in 2004 by Jonathan Maiden and Chris Boulton.

The company has grown by developing management systems for numerous schools and commercial organisations from our base in Gloucestershire. We have specialist developers, designers and support staff to provide our customers with a professional service every step of the way.

Our philosophy is simple, to develop easy to use systems that we can fine tune to your requirements. The systems that we produce have to be used by all levels of IT literacy and that drives the basis for development of any of our products. Our success is based upon this development philosophy and backed up by our excellent support team.

We passionately believe that organisations should be free to develop systems for their own benefit and not be tied into a system that they have to adapt to. The use of any system within an organisation is often driven by the ease of use and indeed this had been proved with every organisation that has taken one of our systems. The ease of use is testament to the simplicity of structure for all staff but also the flexibility of the system to adapt to the individual organisation requirements.

CJM Software has been recognised by FileMaker at their prestigious Cube Awards in both 2008 and 2010.