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Case Study : Gloucester Cathedral

Restructuring, development and training

Gloucester Cathedral stands for the glory of God in Jesus Christ and for the good of all people. For nearly a thousand years, people have come here to pray and to feel refreshed and up-lifted. It is the 5th most visited site in the South West and employs more than 50 people providing a number of events for the community and has close links with local education through music and activities.

The requirement:

  • To upgrade their current FM7 database to the latest version, FM11
  • To combine 5 separate systems into the newly re-structured and re-developed central database
  • To train staff on three different levels of skills and user requirements
  • To provide on-going support and development

The solution:

  • Structured review of the existing database
  • Review meetings with all additional database users to identify their specific requirements
  • Fully integrated development of new requirements
  • Transfer of existing data to the new database
  • Upgrade of server and client FM software
  • Three-tiered training programme to cater for all users and their expected FM skill levels
  • Level 1 – Standard client users focused on the user getting the most out of the interface
  • Level 2 – Advanced client user who needs to make additional changes to the system as well as using the system to its full potential (power users)
  • Level 3 – Developer training to ensure that the in-house team could maker changes to the system to improve the system for the client user team
  • On-going support and development, focused on online support with the occasional site visit

The result:

The revised system was delivered on time and to budget, along with the training and we still support the in-house team. The client has an integrated database covering 6 departments, delivering enhanced functionality leading ultimately to becoming more efficient and saving the organisation money.

The team has now had time to use the system over the past 12 months and we are now looking at the next stage of development to provide additional functionality and enhancements.


"We believe that users of our software must have control of the system regardless of their IT ability."
Jonathan Maiden, CJM Software Ltd.