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MusicSchool Manager

MusicSchool Manager is a complete management information system for busy school music departments or Music Services.

The software has been developed by music specialists at CJM Software in conjunction with leading music schools and departments and works on the understanding that music departments are a school within a school. The system can also be used for other performing arts departments such as theatre or dance.

Music School Manager (MSM) eases the workload of staff by pulling together a number of key admin tasks into one solution whilst sharing information more efficiently. The software tracks a student’s progression for the entire time they have been at the school to build a comprehensive record of all tuition, participation, involvement and exam success.

MSM has a clean and uncluttered interface whilst, at the same time, providing all the powerful tools needed in the day-to-day running of a music department. Any data can be exported in almost any format including Excel and all reports and documents can be created as Adobe PDFs.

MSM is compatible with CJM Software's SchoolManager MIS system and Tiger Timetabling solution and also allows the syncing of student data directly from all other major MIS systems including Capita's SIMS, WCBS Pass, Double First and iSAMS.

To book your demonstration of Music School Manager please contact us on 01452 859624.

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Key Features:

  • Combine administrative tasks into one system
  • Create groups and ensembles
  • Manage events and performances
  • Create and manage exam schedules with embedded exam board information
  • Timetable lessons including management of clashes and exceptions.
  • Display key management data as charts and graphs to make analysis easier
  • Monitor stock and inventory to ensure all items are recharged and loan items are tracked
    Invoice tuition, exams and other items from the department or on behalf of VMTs.
    Multiple logins allow data sharing with others.

"MSM is without doubt the most approachable and efficient tool to enable Directors of Music to manage their departments."
Jeremy Nicklin, Director of Music, The Blue Coat School, Birmingham.