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SchoolManager quotes from our clients...

Heath Mount School

"We introduced School Manager at Heath Mount in September 2011 and we have been amazed at the progress we have made in such a short time. We had struggled to implement our previous system further than the basics, but with School Manager we have implemented Registration, Exams, Half Term and End of Term Reports, Prospectives, a Schools Directory, Leavers, Incidents and Behaviour Log, Contact Log and our Merits System, all within just over half an academic year!

The wonderful thing about School Manager is the flexibility. We have found that it can be tailored to suit our school’s processes and preferences. It’s a very user-friendly program and even staff who are not confident with computers are finding that they are using it easily and have commented to me about how much they like it!

The support that the CJM team provides is outstanding. Personally, I have worked mostly with Liz, who has spent many hours teaching me how the system works. I had no previous experience of FileMaker but my knowledge has expanded hugely and continues to do so and I am now capable of making many changes myself so that I can further tailor it to Heath Mount. The whole team are friendly, very professional and always happy to discuss my ideas of where I want to go next with the program, and if there are things that I am not yet ready to do myself, they implement the changes for me.

I would happily recommend CJM and School Manager to others as it’s made a huge difference to Heath Mount. We now have improved communication, better tracking of pupil information and most of all, a system that the staff are all happy to use!"

Vicky Roos, Senior Secretary, Heath Mount School.

Cheltenham College

"We have used SchoolManager for many years and love it's flexibility. With just a little knowledge of FileMaker it is so simple to customise fields and layouts to make them pertinent to our school. We are able to use it effectively to monitor pupils from the Foundation Stage through to Common Entrance at Year 8. The pupils even create their own designs for motivational and reward certificates within our House System that can be used within the layouts - truly individual.

From an Administrator or Managers perspective the structure and open access to the database allows us to add fields, apply conditional formatting and add scripts to perform school specific tasks. We have been able to e-mail Assessment Cards direct to Parents via e-mail, even where a child requires duplicate reports to be sent to more than one contact. The ease of exporting data into many formats means that we can use pupil data for lots of purposes - such as providing examination boards with information.

And, because it means we have a whole school FileMaker license, we can use FileMaker in the classroom to teach pupils all about databases!

We love it - and our admin team would not be without it!"

Nicky Fortune, Curriculum Director, Cheltenham College.

"We are starting to make great progress with our use of School Manager - which is very exciting and a great relief - thank you!"
Mike Ferguson, Deputy Head, The Blue Coat School, Birmingham.