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SchoolAdministrator is a fully-fledged management information system designed over a period of 5 years by a team of database designers who have been both teachers and IT specialists within schools.

SchoolAdministrator has been written specifically with Independent senior schools in mind. Its design reflects closely the processes and structures that are typical within schools of that sector.

It is a broad product covering general student management, a very powerful admissions section, sophisticated academic structures and assessment areas and flexible and powerful contact and address structures with good communication facilities. Other powerful areas of control and reporting include Registration, Rewards and Sanctions and Pastoral Tracking.

SchoolAdministrator continues to be developed especially at the moment in the Assessment areas. In particular, there has been significant advancement in the assessment analysis tools to allow teaching professionals and particularly the Director of Studies and Heads of Department to look in detail at counts of grade points in both attainment and effort against pupils, teachers, sets/classes and assessment sessions. This information can be looked at as a snap shot of the current situation or over time by seeing trends and patterns. We will be engaging in further development in this area next year by adding mechanisms that allow the analysis of 'added value' by looking at grade predictions versus result scores.

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We offer a full walk-through demonstration of SchoolAdministrator, to arrange a demo or talk through the software further please contact us on 01452 859624.

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Key Features

The core management tool

  • A sophisticated interface for managers and administrators.

An application or web-based teacher login tool

  • Allowing teachers to access the system in a contextual interface enabling them to perform their every-day tasks and communicate with efficiency.

A web-based parent login tool

  • Allowing student family members to login, view important details, communicate contact detail changes and view their children's assessments on-line or download as PDFs.

The Student login tool

  • To allow them to view/enter data for their own assessments if required.

"SchoolAdministrator provided lovely clean reports and great ability to exchange date with closed systems."
Judges comments, FileMaker Cube Awards.