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Sports Team Manager

Sports Team Manager is the latest development by CJM Software designed for busy sports departments.

Developed specifically to make the management, recording and communication of sports teams easier, this simple to set up and use system has been developed along side sports teachers.

The system allows you to set up only the teams and sports that you have at your school and can be set up to place pupils in specific positions within a team.

Once the teams have been selected the team can be sent to parents via e-mail, printed to be pinned up and where schools have the links published to the web either on the school web site or on the parent portal.

Once the game is over match reports can be written and published with results and individual performances recorded against a pupils record. This allows for a review of individual participation and performance.

Long-term recording of performance is a key indicator of development and within the system there is scope for recording athletic times, heights, distances etc. and well as swimming times and distances by year group to provide comprehensive comparison and assessment of development. There is even scope to record beep test results.

All the data stored is then shared with the profiles module for a long term summary of performance along side academic and music achievements adding to the all round view of the pupil.

For more information please call Jonathan or Chris on 01452 859624.

Key Features

  • Integrates with SchoolManager
  • Stores any number of Team Lists indefinitely
  • Pick team members from drop-down lists
  • Cannot allocate an individual to more that one team per day
  • Stores Results and Match reports
  • Publish Lists and Reports
  • Identify Player of the Match
  • Allocate ancillary tasks e.g. kit, flags
  • Comprehensive searching and reporting

"CJM Software are always very keen to hear ideas for extending their software to cope with the individual needs of a department."
Sally Wortley, Norwich School.